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Version 8 - May 2013
Content updated 2015-03-19

1803864 reviewed antibodies from 61 providers,
covering gene-products encoded by 19412 genes (approximately 94% of all human genes).
Primary data available for 729768 experiments.
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Welcome to Antibodypedia, an open-access database of publicly available antibodies against human protein targets. The site features user and provider data on antibody efficacy in a range of biochemical and cell biological techniques--so you can find the right antibody for the right application.


12 March 2015
  • A warm welcome to our newest provider: Absolute Antibody
  • New Antibody Market Report: Use trends and insights to improve your business in 2015!
    Antibodypedia has worked in conjunction with Pivotal Scientific Ltd to create the third Antibody Market Report giving a review of 2014 and predictions for 2015, detailing the top genes that were searched on our website, and much more. Info about the report and ordering on this link: Antibody Market Report
  • Antibodypedia published a mini-poster in the Nov 7 Science Mag issue, if you missed it you can get it digitally from here: Science Poster
    Send an email to if you wish to have a print version and we'll send a copy to you.