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Version 8 - May 2013
Content updated 2014-09-30

1423189 reviewed antibodies from 57 providers,
covering gene-products encoded by 19275 genes (approximately 94% of all human genes).
Primary data available for 571735 experiments.
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Welcome to Antibodypedia, an open-access database of publicly available antibodies against human protein targets. The site features user and provider data on antibody efficacy in a range of biochemical and cell biological techniques--so you can find the right antibody for the right application.


25 September 2014
  • Antibodypedia has worked in conjunction with Pivotal Scientific Ltd to create the second Antibody Market Report detailing the top genes that were searched on our website in first half of 2014. The report gives the top global and continental research trends and the Top 20 searched genes for a number of protein classes. The report can be accessed from here: Antibody Market Report
  • An article about Antibodypedia was published in JPR. Please access A Chromosome-Centric Analysis of Antibodies Directed toward the Human Proteome Using Antibodypedia to get a full description of Antibodypedia and a chromosome-centric view of the human proteome.