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Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.
Since 1962, Rockland has remained a global leader in development of products for biotechnical research. In addition to our antibody lines, we also produce a variety of blood products and cell cultures. Our reputation is based on attention to detail, customer service and continuous investment in the tools and technologies required to develop a world-class product line. We understand and appreciate how our products are helping solve significant global problems in life science research. We take great care to validate our products before they reach any research laboratory. Rockland products are widely used for research of cancer, neurology, cell biology and immunology. We pride ourselves on working with leading researchers to identify bioreagent needs. From the creation of customized antibodies to the formation of novel in vitro assay systems, we offer both scientific skills and cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities required to support an international market demand. 
Limerick, PA 
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Terri Poole or James Fendrick 
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