Antibodypedia’s mission

Antibodypedia’s mission is to developed an open-access, curated, searchable database containing annotated and scored affinity reagents to aid users in selecting antibodies tailored to specific biological and biomedical assays.

About Antibodypedia

Antibodypedia is an open access, online antibody database tool that helps you select the right antibody for the right application. The resource comprises antibodies against human proteins and provides the research community with information on the performance of antibodies in specific applications based on experimental results and publications.

The database structure is organized in a ‘gene-centric’ manner to provide users with an overview of all antibodies available against a particular target and displays for each antibody available validation and publications in which the antibody was used. Each antibody is ranked in the database according to an evidence-based scoring system.

Antibodies are submitted free-of-charge to the Antibodypedia database and both antibodies generated by academic or commercial providers are welcome as long as the corresponding antibody is publicly available. The antibodies are displayed with corresponding validation, references and link to the provider webpage for ease of access. Independent users can submit their own application-specific experimental data and comment on specific antibodies.

We encourage commercial providers to submit information regarding their inventory of antibodies along with links to quality control data. Antibodies can at any time be withdrawn from the database by the provider and all data (from provider and users) will in this case be removed.