Site Map

Home: the Antibodypedia home page contains an overview for using Antibodypedia, a summary of our mission statement, information about signing up for our newsletter and accessing our Facebook page, our search function and tabs to 'explore' the site, 'validate' antibodies and 'learn' about additional features and content (detailed below).

About Us: About Us links to the Learn tab, which provides more detailed information about Antibodypedia’s history, mission and advisory board members. 

Contact: We're always happy to receive feedback or any suggestions for modifications or additions to the site.

For providers: this page contains the portal for commercial antibody providers to upload their antibody inventories to Antibodypedia. Academic antibody providers should email us at to submit reagents.

Explore: the Explore tab allows users to browse or search the site. Simply clicking ‘Explore’ without entering text into the search field within the tab will retrieve Antibodypedia’s entire antibody catalogue.

  • To browse within the catalogue, select any gene ID or antibody ID and navigate to its page. All Antibodypedia antibodies directed against a single protein target are listed on the page for that gene and can be cross-compared for efficacy in different applications. Antibody pages link directly to provider websites and host provider and user validation data, any published literature referencing the antibody and user comments on the reagent.
  • To search Antibodypedia, enter text in the ‘Search for’ field and press ‘Search’. Search help can be found in the Learn tab.

Validate: the Validate tab links to our submission system. Validation data, comments and literature referencing the antibodies deposited in Antibodypedia are all acceptable: users can register at any time for an account enabling submission. Please note that validation data are subject to peer review prior to posting; validation comments are pre-moderated. Please contact us at with any questions or to upload high-throughput datasets, which our system cannot handle at present.

Learn: the Learn tab provides links to on-site and off-site resources to facilitate user validation data submission and experimental design.

  • What is Antibodypedia: more detailed information about Antibodypedia’s history, mission and advisory board members (comprising academic scientists recruited from institutions worldwide who help inform site content and referee user validation data submissions) can be found at these pages. The site's release history and our terms and conditions of use are also posted here. 
  • Validate an antibody: our submission rules and guidelines for antibody assessment and acceptable validation data can be found on these pages, along with our data licensing policy.
  • Resources: Resources features the Protocols page, which aggregates Nature Protocols papers with methods relevant to the Antibodypedia user community, and the Links page, which lists useful genomics- and proteomics-related websites.
  • FAQ: our frequently asked questions for researchers and antibody providers are located here. 
  • Searching antibodypedia: this page provides more information on our search capabilities.