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A portal for validated antibodies

Antibodypedia is a searchable resource reporting primary data, publications, and commentary on publicly available antibodies which detect human protein targets.

Antibody validation data is structured in an application-specific manner and antibodies are given a score based on the knowledge associated with them.

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New validation guidelines

Antibodypedia now supports the possibility to submit data according to the guidelines proposed by the International Working Group on Antibody Validation.

The five pillars for antibody validation are:

Best practice guidelines

Read the full article:
Uhlen, M., et al. (2016). A proposal for validation of antibodies. Nature Methods.

Submit a validation

Share your knowledge by submitting primary data to Antibodypedia.

Content updated 2017-11-18
2947391 reviewed antibodies from 77 providers,
covering gene-products encoded by 19154 genes (approximately 94% of all human genes).
Primary data available for 1351177 experiments.
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