Rules for submission

We encourage information sharing on all antibodies directed against human protein targets and generated by commercial or academic providers for use by the scientific community. Providers (commercial or academic) should submit antibodies with links to their own validation data or to user-provided data (optional). Independent users can submit application-specific experimental data scored according to standard validation criteria (supportive or non-supportive), or can comment on a specific antibody without providing validation data. Please note that users are not required to submit publication-quality data, especially where results do not support antibody efficacy.

Provider submissions (antibody listings)
Providers should submit antibodies along with the product number, antibody type, antigen type and links to antibody-specific information (at provider webpages). Antibodies and their experimental validation data can be submitted singly or in batch via the Antibodypedia web interface: to submit, create an account and log in at 'For providers'. Providers can at any time withdraw particular antibodies from the database and all user data and comments will be concurrently removed. 

Please note that antibodies cannot be classified as 'Supportive data available' unless validation data are available on provider antibody pages or in Antibodypedia. However, it is possible to list antibodies as 'Recommended by provider' for applications in which their use has been validated but experimental results are not available.

Validation submissions (users and providers)
Independent users can submit their own, annotated, primary experimental data on antibody efficacy using standard application-specific validation scores, as described under 'validation criteria'. Due to the subjective nature of validations, an independent advisory board will review data before their posting; we additionally request users to submit the protocol used in result generation to facilitate review and community commentary. To submit user data through our manuscript tracking system, follow the links on antibody pages or navigate to the 'Validate' tab in the main Antibodypedia portal. Please note that this system is not suitable for largescale submissions. If you would like to submit data in batch, please email us for assistance. 

Providers may submit user validation data for their antibodies. 

Comment submissions (users)
Users can enter comments about antibody applicability to specific experimental techniques to assist in the dissemination of (supportive and non-supportive) information about reagents among the scientific community. We ask that you provide contact details through the web interface prior to comment posting; these details will remain confidential. Comments will be pre-moderated before posting. Published references with data for reagents listed in Antibodypedia can also be submitted. The submission interface for comments and references is accessible from the 'Validate' tab or antibody-specific pages.