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Lunginnov s.a.s develops, manufacture and commercialize innovative solutions to study or diagnose endothelial dysfunction (sepsis, cancer, etc…) Principal Missions: 1) To develop, produce and commercialize innovative biomarkers (tissue and blood), in order to detect, to study, to diagnose endothelial dysfunction (active, inflammatory or injured) and/or to track changes in treatments. 2) To develop, produce and commercialize reagents (research use only/RUO) products that have been validated by peer-reviewed publications. Complementary Mission: To develop R&D programs in order to offer new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions targeting the endothelium. Lunginnov s.a.s offers two ranges of products: 1)Products « for research use only » purposes (antibodies, recombinant proteins, kits / immunoassays…) to study vascular remodeling (cancer, angiogenesis, inflammation, sepsis, obesity…). 2) IVD products including ELISA kits for diagnosis and/or prognosis and/or the follow-up of patients under treatment in domains of sepsis and cancer.  
Lille, France 
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Address : Lunginnov
1, rue du Pr Calmette
Institut Pasteur
59000 Lille

Tel : 33 320 877 211
Fax : 33 320 877 884 
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