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MS Validated Antibodies GmbH
MS Validated Antibodies GmbH is devoted to deliver optimal monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemistry. All antibodies offered on our homepage are thoroughly validated on normal and neoplastic tissues. Each antibody comes with a suggested protocol, that works on formalin fixed tissue sections. The performance characteristics of our antibodies can be judged based on numerous images of normal and tumor tissues that were taken from sections stained with our proposed protocol. All our antibodies were selected from a broad spectrum of product candidates. We only offer antibodies that that we consider “best in class” or comparable to “best in class”. Most of our antibodies are rabbit recombinant antibodies. They share the advantage of complete reproducibility of their production because they are not generated by potentially instable hybridoma cells but artificially produced by microorganisms based on the known DNA sequence of the antibody chains. 
Bergstedter Chaussee 62a, 22395 Hamburg 
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Bergstedter Chaussee 62a, 22395 Hamburg 
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