NEUROD2 antibody from EMD Millipore
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Recommended by provider

Antibody data

Product number
EMD Millipore
Proper citation
Millipore Cat#AB5688, RRID:AB_2149346
Product name
Anti-NeuroD 2 Antibody
Provider product page
EMD Millipore - AB5688
Antibody type
Synthetic peptide, amino acids 23-39 of human NeuroD2.
Affinity Purified
Human, Mouse, Rat
Vial size
100 µg
Maintain unopened vial at -70°C for up to 6 months. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. The antibody must be "rehydrated" prior to use: To rehydrate/reconstitute the antibody, centrifuge the antibody vial at moderate speed (5,000 rpm) for 5 minutes to pellet the precipitated antibody product. Carefully remove the ammonium sulfate/PBS buffer solution and discard. It is not necessary to remove all of the ammonium sulfate/PBS solution: 10 mL of residual ammonium sulfate solution will not effect the resuspension of the antibody. Do not let the protein pellet dry, as severe loss of antibody reactivity can occur. Resuspend the antibody pellet in any suitable biological buffer, standard PBS or TBS (pH 7.3-7.5) are typical. Volumes required are not critical but it is suggested that the final antibody concentration be between 0.1 mg/mL and 1.0 mg/mL. For example, to achieve a 1 mg/mL concentration with 50 mg of precipitated antibody, the amount of buffer needed would be 50 mL. Carefully add the liquid buffer to the pellet. DO NOT VORTEX. Mix by gentle stirring with a wide pipet tip or gentle finger-tapping. Let the precipitated antibody rehydrate for 1 hour at 4-25C&deg prior to use. Small particles of precipitated antibody that fail to resuspend are normal. Vials are overfilled to compensate for any losses. The rehydrated antibody can be stored at: 2-8°C The rehydrated antibody solutions can be stored undiluted at 2-8C&deg for 2 months without any significant loss of activity. Note, the solution is not sterile, thus care should be taken if product is stored at 2-8C&deg. -20°C For storage at -20°C, the addition of an equal volume of glycerol can be used, however, it is recommended that ACS grade or higher glycerol be used, as significant loss of activity can occur if the glycerol used is not of high quality. -70°C For freezing, it is recommended that the rehydrated antibody solution be further diluted 1:1 with a 2% BSA (fraction V, highest-grade available) solution made with the rehydration buffer. The resulting 1% BSA/antibody solution can be aliquoted and stored frozen at -70C&deg for up to 6 months. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.