The initiative expanded to become the Antibodypedia Validation Initiative on September 30, 2016.

Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative

A quality assurance program in proteomics research

An enormous amount of publicly available affinity binders are available on the market and many of the affinity binders are not working as expected. Several studies suggest that about 50% of the antibodies meet the expectations. This results in a lot of wasted resources (material, time, and money) and misinterpreted results.

The Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative will gather knowledge in a systematic and standardized system to assure the functionality of affinity reagents.

A public-private partnership

The research community and life science companies join forces to work together on improved quality of affinity reagents. 

Are you a scientist whom does knockdown experiments in your daily activity?

Please upload your results to contribute to the quality assessment of affinity reagents. We are working on getting antibody suppliers on board to be able to reward you for your efforts. If the antibody is within the initiative, you will get rewarded for the first positive knockdown validation submitted for that antibody. We are also inviting companies that provide gene silencing reagents in order to be able to offer rewards for the siRNA/CRISPR that you have used in the experiment.*

Antibodies that are participating in the initiative are marked with a faded symbol stamp faded on Antibodypedia. If the symbol is stamp, at least one validation has been uploaded and published on Antibodypedia.


To qualify for a reward, the siRNA's for a specific gene must have been transfected at recommended conditions. Subsequent visual knockdown of target protein(s) using an antibody by any relevant antibody detection method (e.g. Western Blot) is mandatory.

The knockdown on protein level must be 50% or more, and appropriate controls included. The uploaded data must include an image demonstrating the conditions before and after knockdown, i.e. image must show sample treated with scrambled siRNA where target protein is present, and sample treated with target siRNA where expression of target protein has been down regulated by 50 % or more. Real-Time RT-PCR 48h post transfection is recommended, but not required, to demonstrate knockdown of target mRNA by 70% or more together with appropriate controls (sufficient knockdown with a positive control siRNA to demonstrate transfection efficiency). RT-PCR data may be included in the image and results mentioned in the experimental details.


Information on the antibody used (provider name and product number), the silencing reagent (provider name, product number, a link to the provider product page), an image, and experimental details describing the results in the image need to be provided. If possible, include an experimental protocol, a pdf may be uploaded as an appendix.

The submission only takes a few minutes, and you provide great help to all fellow antibody users.

Take the opportunity to share your data and get rewarded for it!**

Rewards issued by supplier

  • €400 or $400 for whichever applies for antibody in validation
  • €300 or $300 for whichever applies for siRNA in validation
  • €500 or $500 for whichever applies for CRISPR in validation
  • Please note that the levels may be subject to change and that company specific details may apply. The rewards are valid for purchase from the same product family as they are issued for, e.g. an antibody reward can be used to buy a new antibody but no other products.

    Click here to submit a knockdown validation: Knockdown validation submission

    The Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative is supported by the European Proteomics Association (EuPA) and the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO).

    This project will start with the release of a Beta version on June 24, 2015, and end on September 30, 2016. During this period the Affinity Binder Knockdown Initiative will be open for rewards in Europe and North America. You may be prompted for verification of purchase for the reagents that you ask to be rewarded.

    *Please note that only the first validation for each binder and siRNA/CRISPR will be eligible for a reward. The submitted validation data will be reviewed by trained personnel and will be awarded at our sole discretion (Antibodypedia and company). The reward will be sent to the submitter through Antibodypedia, to be used at participating partners' site.
    **If you get rewarded for the uploaded data, the supplier(s) is granted free access to the image and the experimental details for the validation.

    Participating partners silencing reagents

  • Working on it!

  • Participating partners affinity reagents

  • Atlas Antibodies
  • Novus Biologicals
  • Aviva Systems Biology
  • R&D Systems